P.A. Systems

available to rent


Marshall Half Stack with MG 100 Watt Head


$65 per day
Additional days at half rate

Mixer, speakers, stands & cables.

Add microphones for $10/each day including mic stand and XLR cable.

Customize your p.a. package to add or subtract items, price varies.

$65 P.A. deal comes with:

Mixer, two powered speakers, speaker stands, and all cables.

Add $5 for each microphone & mic stand

A la carte pricing:

Speakers $20 each

Mixer $40

Speaker stands (pair) $40

Microphone $10

Microphone with mic stand & XLR cable $20

SM58 upgraded microphone $15

We’ll pack it up for you

Zippered mixer bag keeps you organized for setup and load out.

Mixer Carrying Bag

Mixer – Alto or Mackie

Choice of Alto or Mackie ProFX 12-channel mixing boards (passive compact mixers for use with powered speakers)

Pair of Alto TS112 speakers

Powered speakers 12″

Mixer Carrying Bag

Auxiliary cable

1/8″ input from your device into the RCA inputs on the mixer to play from your laptop or phone or other device from a headphone jack. Remember your lightning adapter if using iPhone.

XLR cables

Available in 25′ or 50′ lengths